10 Random Facts


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1. I’m more interested with style than fashion itself

2. I’ve always wanted to be a musician and singer.

3. I am extremely empathetic 

4. Being mean isn’t even in my DNA. 

5. I’m obsessed with Philosophy and believe it holds the key to happiness/peace.

6. I’ve lived in NYC for about 4 years. No Looking Back.

7. The way to my heart is truly by making me laugh and smile, with razor sharp wit and intelligence. 

8. Favourite band is Siouxsie and the Banshees.

9. I’m susceptible to belief in concepts like juju, vodoun, mysticism

10. I’ll never be a star.


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1. I’m a control freak

2. I use to wear grey contacts and lied saying they they were mine. ( my dad’s eyes are grey)

3. My first time was a one night stand during nationals with someone from the rival team -_-

4. I speak very countryside Puerto Rican Spanish, when…